About DOEL

Department of Educational Leadership streamline PGDE in Primary Education and Early Childhood Education, M Ed Leadership and Management (both one year and two years), MPhil Educational leadership and PhD Educational Leadership. This department was established in 1998 with the aim of developing academic programs related to educational leadership and management. The major objectives of this department are to produce researchers in educational leadership, critical and creative teachers and trainers for future educational leadership, transformative leaders and managers of educational programs and institutions, educational entrepreneurs, local value creators in educational leadership. The school of education is focusing on school effectiveness as one of its priorities which is geared up by the department through engaging with school leaders in academic discourse, trainings, research works, and publications. The department focuses on strategic planning, projects and programs designing and implementation, evaluation and follow up in the educational institutions for their growth and development.

There are altogether six (6) programs running under this department. They are:

The department has developed new programs like M Ed in Early Childhood Development (One Year) and Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Management (One Year) and contributing to developing leaders and mid-level managers, which is also one of the thrusts of the school. This department has also made valuable contributions to the school through trainings, and publications.

Graduate students have been engaging in educational institutions, research and development, training, publication, educational entrepreneurship, material development and consultation. They have been performing their jobs as per the expectations of their department. Moreover, most of the graduates have been able to demonstrate exemplary leadership in the institutions they are engaged.